Motivation Monday #2


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In salute to Lady Luna, in your illuminating glow.


In salute to the moon yestereve. I would rather stay up all night with you, than rise too early. The moon is always comforting, illuminating your thoughts allowing them them to be more focused within the dark.


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XO, Love, Fluxstruck

Yoga is on and off the mat.


My progress with yoga every day is on or off the matt.

Constantly letting go of my ego.

Do things for people because you want to, not because you have to. 

Constantly reminding myself not to let fear, or expectation get in the way of me being happy.

Constantly reminding myself that I am doing the best I can to work towards my goals and that I should not feel anxious as long as I am working towards them.  Little by little every day. As long as I am taking steps forward. It may seem like a lot to get where you want to go, but any little bit counts.

Don’t! Give up on your dreams!

Let Love

<3, Fluxstruck

Giving Birth To Your Ideas, Dreams, and Goals.


As a female, often times I get that pang. That nagging pain in your belly that says “HEY, ITS TIME TO HAVE A BABY!” That natural way of life that none of us can hide from. Biologically, we are engineered to reproduce, and we simply cannot avoid it…

But too, with that idea in mind, Id like to shed some light! While these feelings reside deep within us females (and possibly even males), maybe we may feel it simply isn’t the time. I have been up and down trying to get those feelings to go away, but alas- they simply won’t.

So what I have to say about this is. You have ideas. You have dreams. You have goals.

And in a sense, those too are like your unborn offspring. They are brewing up for sometime, maybe in your head-but also in your gut because you feel these are things you want or should be doing with your life.

Id like you to look at them that way, and give birth.

Give birth to your ideas, your dreams, and your goals.

And hey, if your dream is to have a child, then do that too. Conceiving and giving birth is a beautiful thing, and a blessing. I look forward to that day too.



XO, Fluxstruck

You know what I need?


You know what I want?

I want you to understand


I need space.

That I am a strong independent female, and I know I can conquer the world.

I’d like to struggle to remember that on my own.

But it would amplify me, to have a mate that could definitely be there when I come off of my throne,

because put very simply,

every queen needs a king.

-JLT, Fluxstruck

Unfulfilled needs lead to chaos.



Its only human nature to need certain things, and when those needs go unmet, there is always another route that is taken. For various situations of the heart, body, and soul- to fill a whole. Sometimes, not always good. I am a product of binge eating and not sleeping when my body is unkept. Tsk tsk. No shame I say- when in needing human interaction- sexual stimuli- of a perfectly normal biological circumstance.

Love, Fluxstruck