” Whatever you give your emotion to, becomes reality for you.”


Meditate every day. Always choose love. Do not let fear control you. Love anyway. It is interesting to think ” The collective negativity of our group conscious an even create natural disasters.”  But we have to remember, that large storms, are all in a sense incredibly large cleanings.

Prayers to the families in Mexico.

PS: Don’t forget to Love and do things that make you happy. Eject your positivity out into the world. Let us shift. ❤ “There is no more time to be complacent. ”

To animals, to people, to all walks of life.


Discover your true potential–and go for it.


Discovered over at www.andrew-hines.com. Give his inspirational site a visit.

Doing things that we want to do is often times uncomfortable simply because we are so conformed to modern times and societal expectations…But there is so much that you can do. Things that you actually want to do. Things that actually make you happy. What are they? Are you doing them?

If you aren’t…why aren’t you?

There is truth here. So much truth…

How comfortable are you? Are you willing to take the leap?

<3, FluxStruck