Tire Flips Because Why The Flip Not??? :)




Get ya some functional training today! Tire flipping is a functional movement because it requires you to utilize muscles from all over your body.

How to do this:

Engage your core, and lift with your legs. Core engagement is important so that you may protect your back from injury. Remember this as you push through with your core activated.

Happy Training! ❤


Do certifications to teach really matter?


In a world full of quick certifications, qualifying you to teach a whole bunch of different disciplines, does it really matter?

Yes, you gain a piece of paper, showing people that you know what you are talking about. But mostly, is that piece of paper even enough?

I question this many times.

It shows discipline to achieve something.

It shows you put in the time to study information.

But I feel not all certifications level up to the amount of knowledge, and better yet-experience someone needs in order to teach something.

Mostly I just feel like they are important just to prove to other people.

But I also hate the idea of having to prove anything to anyone.

So, while its good to have as a backup reference in case someone asks, I still don’t think just that can justify someone as “qualified”.

Example being, someone with a Personal Training certification starts picking up clients left and right, but has this person actually gone through and tried these things? Lived these things?

And is it really necessary for them to do so?

On the same note, someone can have years of exercise experience, enough experience to actually know something after all this time. Yet, would you still let them be your trainer without a piece of paper?

Also, other disciplines like yoga, that are more spiritual, have certifications popping up like crazy. Yet, yoga is a practice that only after years of learning should one even think about teaching, I believe. For yoga is not just gaining flexibility through postures, that is only a small part of it.

What do you think?

Love, The Flux