Tire Flips Because Why The Flip Not??? :)




Get ya some functional training today! Tire flipping is a functional movement because it requires you to utilize muscles from all over your body.

How to do this:

Engage your core, and lift with your legs. Core engagement is important so that you may protect your back from injury. Remember this as you push through with your core activated.

Happy Training! ❤


Shots whilst rail walking.


I have these shots I captured from my adventures training the other day. Rail balancing and walking is a simple, yet challenging exercise. Balancing is a great way to increase core strength/stability and alertness through your mind body connection.

I like balancing a lot. Mainly because it forces me to slow down-take my time- I must focus on precision and also being light and feathery in order to not make any sudden movements that may cause me to fall.

Even ignoring distractions such as people honking (which does happen) can show some symbolism as to why focusing on balancing can help you in focusing to get through some major life challenges.

Now I challenge you! To try it.

photo 1-7 copy photo 2-6

photo 3-9

Watch the short video of this on my instagram.

HUGS, Fluxstruck Movement