” Whatever you give your emotion to, becomes reality for you.”


Meditate every day. Always choose love. Do not let fear control you. Love anyway. It is interesting to think ” The collective negativity of our group conscious an even create natural disasters.”  But we have to remember, that large storms, are all in a sense incredibly large cleanings.

Prayers to the families in Mexico.

PS: Don’t forget to Love and do things that make you happy. Eject your positivity out into the world. Let us shift. ❤ “There is no more time to be complacent. ”

To animals, to people, to all walks of life.


Artist Spotlight: Mi Mama


A feisty one, if I do say so myself. We are extremely similar in our emotional ways and fast paced thinking.

This woman has taught me great feats of strength. She is the reason of which I have built such an outlook on life. An outlook that yields patience, determination and a keen sense of analysis. There are many things I have learned from her just by watching her go through so many tough times. Always getting back up.

Our views are somewhat varied, as I have also learned to handle situations in matters different than how she may at times. I have chosen to follow the path of least resistance, while sometimes it is hard for her embark on such routes.

Because we are so much alike, we can clash heads at times. I feel this has changed some as I have chosen to avoid confrontation in my life. My ways of changing, however, does not mean that her ways have changed along with mine. Sometimes it is hard for us to see eye to eye. And because of that, sometimes we hardly ever speak.

I love my mother. No matter how much she thinks I don’t. I love her because she is Mom, she is the one who brought me into this world. I have learned much from her and still do every day. I wish that things weren’t taken so personally from her perspective, as I am usually a lot to myself.

I am usually to myself and trying to handle situations the best way I know how. That includes me taking a lot of time to think and let things go. To move my body in a state of analysis that helps me overcome anything I have ever felt badly about.

This is all sort of hard to explain, and possibly even harder to understand without knowing our whole relationship background.

But what matters the most is that remember that your family is your family. No matter what. You can choose to live in angst, refusing to forgive one another or you can simply let dramatization slip right past your radar. Agree to disagree, and hope that they can do the same.

If things remain rocky, leave them be. Only time can really help anything.







<3, JLT


Artist Spotlight: My father



Everyone say hello to my dad. This man has served as great inspiration and support to me and my brothers for quite some time. He is as solid as fathers and father figures come. He works his butt off in the engineering field just to make sure we all have what we need in order to survive, while at the same time, giving us space and time to develop and learn what we feel we need to do with our lives in order to be happy.

Of course, there are times when my father and I have disagreements. Me, being uncertain of where I am going exactly, and him, just wanting me to figure it out already. I thank this man for giving me time and for having all the patience of which I am barely learning to have in myself. I can be a stubborn one in these years of growth, but he is always there  within the gaps of silence, even when we have not spoken in a while. All he worries about is me being able to support myself in the future, and he has made that quite clear.

I also thank this man for being such a great role model to my brothers and I within the field of movement and exercise. His field of work isn’t always very physical. He spends a lot of time drawing and drafting (artsy!), but he has not given up on maintaining his health, always finding time to go on a bike ride and lift a little weight. Had it not been for my father, I would have never discovered just how much I enjoyed movement and exploring it. My brothers took after him in the gym, working out and staying healthy. I first learned movement when he signed me up for kickboxing and then I did exactly the same, taking movement different routes in order to figure out exactly what it is that keeps this scatterbrain hooked.

I will explore and experiment forever. When things are rushed, I lose control and he knows this side of me all too well. I thank my father for giving me time, teaching me patience, teaching me support and allowing me to stay creative.

My Pops

My Pops. I am so proud of you for maintaining that healthy lifestyle!

Be grateful for those that support you. You are like a house, a temple, a building, and without support, you will most definitely fall.