Dia De Los Muertos fashion show and Halloween Merchant Bash


Today is the day for the Dia De Los Muertos fashion show and The Alice, TX downtown Halloween Merchant bash. Bring your kiddos out fro the festivities. I will be contributing with an opening performance for the fashion show put together by Wedding Lace.

Hope to see you out!11260480_886325161403033_6708426748612130308_n

LOVE, Jenny L T


I think I found my spirit animal. Feature Friday: Miss Lena Horne



Anyone that knows me knows that I am a believer in motivating people and all good intentions. I am a stander for justice, for whats right and whats wrong and always wish to fight the good fight (if I am fighting for anything).

I was visiting a friend recently when her sister mentioned to me a lady by the name of Lena Horne.

“Lena Horne? Ive never heard of her.” I told her.

She said that I reminded her of her and that I should watch a movie she was in.

Today I stumbled upon my note I had taken that night to look it up, and so today I did.

Turns out, me and Ms Lena Horne have quite a bit in common.

She was a civil rights activist, a stander for justice especially in the struggle for black and white equality. She was an actress, a singer, and a dancer.

This was incredibly humbling to read. I always feel I was born in the wrong time period with the way that I see things. I can’t help but feel we are at least somewhat connected in spirit. As I feel many other women (and men) are connected with many other artists from the past. Perhaps she is one my many animal totems. 🙂 It just feels good to know of people who think and feel the same way about things. And if not, I am definitely learning something from her. The courage that I have been trying to manifest in myself.

Her music, and the music I have been creating-all speak in the standing for justice. In giving your own self a voice, in being you, and not feeling ashamed for it whatsoever. Just being REAL with people. She has the character that only a few close friends know I carry. Humorous, yet serious all at the same time. 

I am glad my friends sister introduced me to her that night, and I am glad today I reopened my notes. I am definitely inspired to keep doing what I am doing, going where I am going, and to not be afraid!

I love her story telling character here. Ive always loved that kinda stuff!

And of course, this one…

Is there any historical figures you feel you connect with? Do you know of any I might be interested in learning about? Id be happy to do more research.

Have a good day and happy spring equinox to you! Jenny L T

What I Think About “Biting” in Dance Styles


What I think about people who say they are inspired by someone and do what they do.
You are your own person. Its perfectly normal to be inspired by someone-inspiration is a great thing.
But like I said, you are your own person.

Admire how someone does something, but don’t bite their style (don’t do exactly what they do). (Unless you are in a choreography class of course). Dancers respect other dancers for dancing, but also for being themselves.
And also, people don’t put in the hard work to make up sequences just have somebody pick them off of them.
Dance is about movement, but it is also about creativity. It’s an Art!
Admire, observe, watch-and then find your own movement.
Do You.

Forever I used to never watch any videos. If I watch any dance videos now its strictly just to admire. Whether it be for the production of the video or the actual dancing. There are some really talented young dancers out there on those t.v. shows! Even off those shows, Im sure! Many strong dancers all the same. And I do like to watch people dance now you know, especially living somewhere where I don’t see it all the time, Ive become more open to videos that are introduced to me. However, I don’t ever want to take something someone did and call it my own. I am quick to give credit to who I learned it from. I ain’t gonna lie if I saw something somewhere! I feel thats just a matter of respect to your teachers (if you learn something from someone-whatever it is-they are your teacher.)

What if you really didn’t see something somewhere and you did the same thing too? That can happen sometimes as I believe great minds may think alike. But don’t lie and say that if it isn’t true (this should go for other art forms as well). Thats just bad karma and that shit will just come back to bite you (no pun intended! :P).

There are even some moves that are universal such as turns, spins, or freezes for example. This goes for all dance styles. But all the stuff in-between, thats all you! Go out there and work with your creative process.

Respect, respect, respect.

You can read this thread here on BBoy World. “Biting” or “copying” something is a big deal sometimes in this dance scene. I think this conversation has some valid back and forth points.

Do You, Have Fun, Be Creative

All in Love and Respect, OxyJenn