” Whatever you give your emotion to, becomes reality for you.”


Meditate every day. Always choose love. Do not let fear control you. Love anyway. It is interesting to think ” The collective negativity of our group conscious an even create natural disasters.”  But we have to remember, that large storms, are all in a sense incredibly large cleanings.

Prayers to the families in Mexico.

PS: Don’t forget to Love and do things that make you happy. Eject your positivity out into the world. Let us shift. ❤ “There is no more time to be complacent. ”

To animals, to people, to all walks of life.


Body, Mind, Spirit, and Soul. Non importance of the material body.


Went for a jog this morning, yaaay. I dont look very happy to be there but Ive been letting my body take breaks, gather thoughts, simply rest and chill. Learning a new pace is not always a bad thing. Am glad I did start my day off this way though, running round in nature.

The Bhagavad-Gita states

“The Lord said, “You are talking like a learned man, but you do not that one who is learned-one who knows what is body and what is soul- does not lament for any stage of the body, neither in living nor in dead condition.” …knowledge means to know matter and spirit and the controller of both….The body is born and is destined to be vanquished today or tomorrow; therefor the body is not as important as the soul. One who knows this is actually learned, and for him there is no cause for lamentation, regardless of the condition of the material body.”

I admit that I used to see my body as material and an image, I used to want to sculpt it and make it look a certain way- honestly now I think thats a headache sometimes and am far more concerned with my overall well being as matter and spirit and soul. As long as Im healthy thats all that matters to me! Being healthy requires not just your physical body but your heart and soul. Of course you should still treat your physical body well with good foods, exercise, etc. that is all part of the whole. I try and push myself a little but not as much as I used to- that goes for a lot of things- which is definitely a good thing because pushing too much can straight up lead to stress. A little is good, too much is no bueno and counterproductive to your health. I have amped up my meditating and creative self expression, giving instincts, and rest.

Too, when you feel good, you feel good enough to help others feel good. Self love and care always.
Be good to yourself and go at your own pace. If you suffer from any illnesses or conditions that limit your movement, remember the text above- you can still move your soul in many various ways ❤️.


Didn’t look ver happy for my movement this morning, but I know it served me well. I am happier now, just takes shaking the sleep off. 😛


How do you like to move? What moves you?

XO, Fluxstruck

People You Should Follow on Instagram #2


Breaking My Life

photo 1

A page set out to feature the art of breakdancing. Follow this user to see motivational movement pictures. The body can do incredible things with enough effort and practice!

Here are a few featured photos. The latest are from the recent Red Bull BC One break comp.

photo 1

photo 5

photo 4

photo 3

photo 2

photo 2

photo 3

The art of break dancing. So much energy, so much control. I love this art! So amazing to watch and so incredibly inspiring.

Love, Fluxstruck

Artist Spotlight/Inspiration in Body Shapes #2/ People you should follow on Instagram #1


The Rabid Beast


I found this Bboy on Instagram only recently. I have been experimenting more with breakdance movement and will sometimes post balances that I have been working on.

Stumbled across this fellow when he liked one of my photos, and I have to say that he is truly a pretzel of an inspiration.

photo 1


Feats of strength, balance, and flexibility. Follow him if you are interested in this type of movement or if you are interested in seeing the body move in some incredible ways! I would have to say that this guy holds a lot of goals for me when it comes down to getting stronger, and playing with body shapes in ways that I couldn’t have imagined myself doing. Flexibility has always been something that comes easy to me, but when it comes to balancing that flexibility, especially when inverted, that is going to take me some time. But I am eager to stay determined and to keep experimenting.


Also make sure to peep the videos!


Stay motivated! Keep experimenting!

<3, The Flux