The One Reason I Quit Teaching


I have recently began substituting. I already know, before stepping my foot in a school, that children have things about them hidden away for no one else to see.

As I gain more experience in this field, I have to say, I don’t think I see myself becoming a teacher, or maybe just not a traditional one. The fact that there are children (and even adults) that need help with certain hidden issues is definitely something that drives me to learn more about connecting with students and individuals. I suppose I remember how I used to be in school. There was lots that would run through my head, that no one else knew. I guess it is the understanding that I can relate with them, at least some extent. That even though they are younger than I am, does not make them any less of a person, with any less of a problem.

I appreciate all teachers every where. ❤

The field of teaching is new to me, and I enjoyed reading this writing:

Source: The One Reason I Quit Teaching


One thought on “The One Reason I Quit Teaching

  1. I relate to your words on all levels! I think your point of view here is important and a catalyst to a heightened state of living. I too wanted to have a teaching career – I was not able to take on this responsibility because I had in my opinion much more to learn about myself where I felt I couldn’t quite connect authentically with each student. I think it is great that you are substitute teaching nonetheless, great experiences to be had and shared with the precious cargo in your care 💗

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