Why are people not happier?


For a long time I have struggled with the idea of work.
Mainly because I never see myself fit in any mass corporate institution.

I have been holding myself back with what I would like to have as work because I constantly doubt its realism.
I believe God gave us gifts in order to use them.
And we all know God wants us to be happy.
The important thing here though is, we don’t let ourselves be happy because we feel we aren’t doing what is right- what society expects from us.

We can do the things we love to do. Its the same as any other mass producing job- you still have to put forth effort, physical and mental.
The main task though, is to believe.
And to never lose sight of that.

And if your like me- when at times you let other people get you down because they are probably jealous and therefor mad at you for being happy (because you are actually doing something you love), don’t.

Don’t ever let anyone make you feel bad because they themselves aren’t happy. Sometimes unhappiness in people comes from a root problem they are having trouble dealing with.
Be their friend- be nice to them.
There may be something you can help them with. If they are willing to accept that is…

Go on, get with ya bad self! Be happy! And don’t forget to push yourself to do the “work” you want to.

One Love. 💗



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