Dessa meets with Michael Pollan. A discovery of sustainable food consumption on the road.


I was super excited to read this article by Upworthy, on Dessa (  female MC of the Doomtree crew of whom I look up to) and her meeting with Michael Pollen (author of The Omnivores Dilemma) about eating on the road. It is true, every time I travel I more so don’t want to simply because I have to lug along all my food with me. I believe eating is crucial to over all body performance, but also what you eat is if not more, equally importante. I love this article because its speaks of the importance of supporting local food growers (organic or not), and how that money gets cycled back into helping the community as it allows the grower to produce even more food, and more selling. A cycle worth existing and supporting. I also find the “psychology of food” very interesting as I believe how we perceive a food item has  a lot to do with our sensations and thoughts about it upon consuming it. Anyway, I’ll stop typing now. Heres the article. Make sure to watch the Green Notes video on there. That is the Sh… LOVE, JLT


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