Visvamitra~The story behind this Sage


My Human Experience

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While touring his kingdom, King Visvamitra stopped by the hermitage of the sage Vasistha. Vasistha invited to king and his army to dine with him that evening. Visvamitra wasn’t expecting much of a meal and was surprised at the feast that was presented to him and his men. He asked Vasistha how he managed this and Vasistha explained that he had a magical cow that had been gifted to him from Indra. The cow, Nandini, provided the sage with anything he needed. Visvamitra decided that such an animal should be with a king rather than a sage. He asked Vasistha to give it to him. When Vasistha refused, the king became enraged and decided to take the cow by force. Nandini understood what was happening though, and stood on her hind legs and out came an entire army of fierce warriors. These warriors swiftly defeated Visvamitra and…

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