There are spiritual masters in us all. How to learn from others and also teach them what you know.


We all know at some points we hit stagnant waters. We get kind of bored with life. Some of us (like me) feel our only ways of learning are through academic means. Answers are not always found in a book or the internet. A book or website, can be a guide, but it is in learning by doing that actual learning takes place. (This is also why I haven’t found it in me to go back to school-there was no hands on.)

So we ask what to do. What do we do with ourselves if we are bored in the way we are learning, and we are bored with learning on our own. We know we still need to grow and it isn’t happening as we sit in front of the computer (unless you have a far away teacher) or TV screen (documentaries are bomb though!).

We seek out spiritual masters.

A spiritual master should be someone that knows all. These days-that may be a little hard to find in only one person, although it is possible. BUT, if we seek out a teacher who knows this, and another who knows that, then we may be set on our very way to learning what it is we need to know. Even if it doesn’t all come from one set person.

As Arjuna, I question myself as to how am I to stay on my path to Krsna consciousness, to higher knowledge, for higher good. In reading Bhagavad-Gita, this is the question in Text 7. Often times I wither away too quickly. I hide under my sheets not even wanting to try and seek answers anymore. Simply because I don’t know other ways than how I already know (through books).

This article, How can I find a spiritual master (guru)? states the first thought that came to mind-the idea of being able to learn from everyone. Therefore, everyone is your Guru. And also connecting with those that are older, to help and connect with them we may accept their blessings.

Finding a spiritual teacher is serious business, but it’s not impossible. Every human being is supposed to have a spiritual master. It’s said that when the student is ready, Krishna gives a teacher, and then the teacher gives him Krishna.

Finding and accepting the guidance of a spiritual teacher requires that you be serious about learning, and willing to make that learning a priority.

To find a spiritual teacher, it can help to have recommendations from trusted devotees, and testimonials (if available) from other students and disciples. Accepting a spiritual master is a lifelong commitment, and the more we know a person, the better we’ll be equipped to make a choice about entering such a relationship with them.

In general, it is very helpful to have relationships with our spiritual elders, especially people whom we are inspired by and whose advice we naturally seek. It’s very helpful to offer service to our respected superiors and seek their good wishes. It is by the good wishes of Krishna’s devotees that we are able to make any progress at all in our spiritual lives.

I feel that we may not always know what it is we are supposed to learn from someone. There be something we need to learn, that we never even thought about learning such as how to plant a tree, or how to read a map. The key is to be open.

For me, connecting is difficult sometimes because Im used to being in my bubble. Im used to planning my day. Im used to being so headstrong and set on MY goal, on what I have to do (something instilled in me since I first started college). But in surrendering, and opening up to what someone else is doing, to what someone knows, or what someone likes, and then doing it with them-and then allowing them to teach you (be your teacher, master) and you the student, can lead you to a world of knowledge. Imagine learning a different thing from several different people, that in its own is like having 1 divine Master or Instructor. And in that sense, you realize again-THAT WE ARE ALL ONE (mind blown).

Try to do this. Try and step out of your usual set schedule, and connect with someone on their level. I know its hard. Maybe you just don’t connect with people very often-you don’t know how to talk to them about what they are doing, you don’t know how to initiate that conversation in asking them to teach you what they know. Also, they might not be a very open person themselves. You never know what someones attitude is or how they communicate with people either.

I would say you could approach this in 2 steps.

First, genuinely become their friend. Actually talk to this person and see what they are into, what they are like. (Side note-One should always be kind to someone even if they feel they have nothing to learn from them). Sometimes its merely the way they talk, or the way they walk-that you are supposed to learn, or is suppose to inspire you.

Second, if you learn that they have knowledge about something that interests you ( I am curious about anything I don’t know-so almost everyones interest will interest me at this point), then ask them to show you. I think more people want to share what they know than we may think. But theres always the chance that they won’t want to share. Thats okay too, they just aren’t ready to. It would be helpful to stay their friend anyway, because of the simple reason that it is good to have friends and communication with different people. It helps keep your mind open. And it could be that maybe one day they will show you. I feel for some people it just takes time to feel comfortable. Sharing yourself sometimes can make someone feel too vulnerable and open. Its all in the way the person may see it.

In turn, you can share with them your own knowledge, of what you know and/or love. In turn, you can be their Guru as well!

This will teach you something about them, and teach you something about yourself, all the while you are connecting and learning. Which end results in mental, maybe physical, and spiritual growth. I feel these are valuable stepping stones to reaching your own higher path, being set out for higher good.

There are many things I want to learn, but those things may not be in my immediate path. Simply connecting, sharing, and learning from others is something I definitely feel I am supposed to be learning right now. ❤

Also read this text here from the Bhagavad-Gita itself on the subject.

Namaste and Amen, Love, Fluxstruck


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