Healing Varieties


So lately, I met with a healer. She really helped me realign myself and cleanse. After I met with her I started cleansing more myself and everything more often, I also began meditating more often as well. Its a strange feeling to following your intuition, when usually modern society is telling you to do this and do that, and go here and go there, and YOU HAVE TO MAKE MONEY. But you just know that it is right to do so.

I take it with every oz of gratitude that I have spaces to reside and meditate. I always ask for guidance as I pray, and for protection from evil. For I am on this earth to do good, and I know it.

I feel the week went by and sometimes I felt stagnant, but I quickly tried to make the most of my time where I was, cleaning and organizing-attempts to make the space clear and right, all with good intention.

I feel these things have worked for me-then I felt that the flow was happening to fluidly and I sunk back into comfort. Into the things I know do not serve me. I tell myself its all about patience, for I am not perfect. I know these things take time.

But I also know that the universe will unfold for me if I am ready for it to. And when I am ready, I will be completely open and not fall back and not hesitate. I have been hesitating…and finding excuses.

So I am here to ask—in which ways do you stay on your path?

What seems to help you when the distractions in life come at you on the constant? What is it that keeps you going? Stones? Meditation? Chanting?

I feel being on top of nutrition is important.

Getting enough sleep is important.

Following your gut is important (even in times when you really wish you didn’t have to )

Educate myself as much as possible is important, and if I can learn from someone, I should.

I am in search for a Hindu Master to learn from. In reading my Bhagavid-Gita, I am aware that this is important to keep me on my path.

Love, Fluxstruck


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