New Movement Page on Facebook (Fluxstruck Movement)


I have recently created a new page on Facebook.

I debated a few times whether to reactivate my profile or not. I thought I should-even though I don’t know exactly where I am going with it.

Fluxstruck Movement

I propose to use it as movement photography inspiration at the least. I would like to include movement education of sorts to the list as well-but I feel the Great Spirit will tell me when the time for that is.

It’s kind of a confusing thing, the border line between learning, and sharing. Even though they are merging concepts, delicately. Especially if I wish to travel to learn new things-I see it difficult to be gone and still be able to teach? I am assured that I will find that balance.

Here are a few pictures I just included on my page, from my travel s in California.



I ❤ the Redwood Forest.


Love, Fluxstruck Movement


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