Detox or die?


I recently stumbled upon this article You can’t detox your body. It’s a myth. So how do you get healthy?

Take a good reading and you let me know what you think? I believe it true that people will believe many things, especially when it comes to reaching a “better” version of themselves.

“Smarter, faster, stronger.” , ya know?

While a lot of things are blown up to sound so legit, I do still believe that vital foods are necessary and good for the body. I think the word “detox” has been blown up to an extreme amount also.

Foods that come from nature, ARE GOING TO HELP YOU. But your body, does filter everything already. Providing the right foods to your diet will simply help your body in doing what it already does in a more effective way. Your body needs these nutrients from whole nutritious foods, to run properly, and if you don’t consume them already, to run better.

So the “smarter, stronger, faster” idea, does hold true, if you eat the proper foods to help your body run efficiently. Simply because, that is what your body is supposed to run on.

Eating foods with empty calories (no nutritional value per bite), will simply just give you energy. See, even sugary snacks and such can still help you in some way. Calories are just that, energy.   The downside is the energy is quick, lasts for a short bit, and then we are wiped.

Eat those foods that break down slower, and your energy will last. Apples, oranges, cherries, bananas, guava, pineapple- all these foods are sugar. Fruit, is sugar. But because of the fiber they contain, they will not digest to quickly, leaving you running longer, with energy that is longer lasting.

So I don’t believe any food is completely bad, but completely ignoring what your body NEEDS, is.

It is simple. Eat what nature intended us to eat (MOSTLY at least), and eat anything else as a small addition, or occasional treat.

Ive been splurging quite a bit with the holidays. It didn’t seem to do me too much harm, but as I continue to do so every day, I start to feel more and more uneasy, kinda queazy.

What do you think about detox diets and fads? What do you think about healthy foods simply being the answer because that is what we were born to eat?

Much Love, Fluxstruck.


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