Walk the path of your own heart.



This is true. I often worry about other people, I tend to forget about myself. Because of this I may get bent out of shape, angry, confused, and frustrated. This is simply the result of me forgetting to do me. I have many dreams and goals, but if I worry too much about others, when will I be able to focus on myself? That is a balance I am trying to achieve- for worrying about ones self and only ones self can also seem very conceited- but that is certainly not true. One must care for themselves first, in order to help the others that they wish to help.

Work on finding your inner most truth, what your heart beats for and what makes you feel most alive. These are the things that will fuel you with unstoppable energy to effectively change the world.

Hold tight to your dreams.

Photo taken at Natures Treasures in Austin,Tx. Beautiful stone shop, a must visit.

Xo, the flux

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