Art Outside 2014-For me, A new opportunity.



So I am excited to say that I have been accepted to perform (dance) at AO this year! This opportunity kind of came out of left field as I did not think I would get accepted.

“Ask and you shall receive.” The Universe says to me. “Work hard and you will prosper.” It also seems to whisper.

Now, I have this opportunity- me-having been here wondering about when would be my next one-and in what fashion am I to perform? With many different styles that peak my interest- I have learned so much from various.

I have to say that I HAVE been in much of a slump about performing and even practicing-I feel-maybe I am not to perform really-but I know there is a dire need for me to share the very feeling I get when I am living and creating something I love. Knowing that- I somehow always tend to get myself to move. Even if its just a little.

Dance/ movement is one thing that definitely gives me one of those feelings.

Dance, movement, motion…quick and sped up- calm and slowed down. It is just like the push and pull that is the waves of life time spent through out our days. Constantly battling in our heads-What Am I Here For?

My philosophy about that is this–

1.Keep doing the things you are attracted to- one thing will always lead to another new finding-whether it be a person that has similar interests (now you have someone to create with/learn from) or a new type of art in which you have not attempted before. You would be surprised at how many types I have moved right along through-I still have many interests-but with my continued learning and self teaching of what I know I DO love, I am forever learning and forever growing, redefining and rediscovering a little more each time-of the type of artist my soul wishes to be.

2. It all takes practice-do not skip practicing. It also takes patience- enjoying your struggle/highs and lows, being unsure, having self doubt-and pushing all that aside to keep on creating your own kind of practice. It takes being in the now every time that you do practice-and knowing that you are making progress-even if its just a little, its more progress than if you stayed with your butt posted on the couch flipping through channels. Know that it is a process.


4. Do not let yourself be controlled by what other people are doing. Look deep inside yourself and ask “What do I want to dance like, paint like, create like, etc?” “What is MY style?” (Not saying you will not be influenced by others-that is the beauty of being able to see and appreciate other peoples craft. Other artists can be inspiring to you and help you discover your own unique product/self.


With that being said, Art Outside is an annual full weekend camping and arts event that happens every October. This is year 10! Check this years lineup.

View a Trailer from the last year I was there.

If you have the opportunity, you should definitely come. It is a family friendly event and children under 12 are allowed in for FREE. Bing a tent and you can camp for FREE also. Workshops to performances bring a great possibility to learn something new around every corner.

More info here>

See you there!

…now what to wear?! O_O?!?

Much Love, OxyJenn—The FLUX–


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