Healthy Foodie Review #1 : Uve Weight Loss Beverage


I was interested in this beverage because I am always interested in different ways to get your vitamins. For me sometimes it is hard to eat a lot of solid food when I am being extremely active. B vitamins are important to me as I am a very energetic/active person. I was interested to find that Uve has both B6 and B12 in a bottled serving- something that is good for those seeking energy, mood enhancement and a variety of other relief symptoms to B vitamin deficiency. I wanted to try this drink because it is sugar free, calorie free, gluten free, natural, and the flavors sounded plausible.


Taste: It is pretty good! This drink is carbonated, but its not overwhelming. I don’t taste anything artificial, or awkward in an aftertaste. Feel: This drink, does’t make me feel anything strange. It actually feels pretty good and refreshing when chilled. I have tried the Apple Pomegranate and the Wowberry so far.

The secret ingredient in Uve is the African Mangoseed Extract said to aid in weight loss by improving metabolism. Apparently, there aren’t too many studies that back African Mangoseed use for an extended period of time, but what info is out there on the topic does seem to support it being an OK healthy thing to consume.


My opinion is that while yes, all vitamins can be found in real food, sometimes convenience IS what we need. SOMETIMES. I would say this drink is not a bad idea for those looking for a little bit of added nutrients without all the sugar or calories in a refreshing and inexpensive drink.





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