Mother nature at its finest. The beauty of storms.




We had a pretty amazing storm yesterday. I have to say that yes, it was a bit scary-but it was also incredibly amazing. I wish I could have photos to show-but mainly it was large gusts of wind blowing the trees to and fro. Lots a plant debris now lines our city city streets and some have worse damage to their vehicles and homes than others do. Im glad to say, that everyone is okay after the fact.

Never the less, it was beautiful. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. Of course, I pray for those that have to deal with any damage caused-but simply, mother nature- at its finest. The world around us being taken over by something that you can hardly even see at times-the winds. The skies are overcome with the greyest clouds-darkening the neighborhoods over head. Everything becomes still…just before chaos erupts.

Everyone says to stay away from the windows-but I honestly could not help but watch for a while. If I didn’t give 2 shits about my life, I probably would have ran out there in the midst of it, stood, and laughed my head off while the earth was shaking and whipping around me.

Afterwards-I wanted to do the same-laugh frantically while I ran down the dark filled streets-no home could be seen with power. It was like the apocalypse had hit and no one knew how to take it.

It was beautiful in all its chaotic elements.

Something that stood out to me-was this sense of revelation I seemed to achieve during this time. I was worried about my mother- knowing that she was alone at home. Lately, I have been giving so much thought as to where I am in life-and how I want to go back to school-which would mean I have to relocate to another city. I think about leaving her alone all the time- and its really hard for me to do that. Mostly- I just want her to know that I do truly care-and that me going to do something for myself-does not mean that I do not love her. We have a past history of not getting along so much-but that has changed incredibly since I have tried to make the effort. And I feel thats all it is- as long as I still make the effort-things will be okay between us. Just like the storm- times will get rough (sometimes-incredibly rough), but as long as she knows that I am still hear, although not physically, she will be able to carry on-that is what I hope and feel.

I loved the storm not only for its physical beauty-but for the message that it can bring and the cleansing that it entails. Chaos, troubles, how mother nature is in control whether you want her to be or believe it or not. Same as my mother- I am older and growing, yes. But she is still someone I need to look up to and still care for as the years go by. The past is gone-the future is now. It takes effort-but doing something so simple could mean a world of difference. Also too- I honestly feel that-she will never be alone. God and nature, I pray-will forever help her through-and I hope that she sees that they can too.

Everything and everyone should feel refreshed- I would think (after getting over being shaken up), the following of such chaos should bring about peace and rebuilding. The ability to renew ourselves and start fresh, or at least to get a different perspective on our feelings and thoughts of a certain situation.

For more interesting insight on storm symbolism, read this post by Avia Venefica, I thought it to be truly inspiring.


<3, JLT


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