Exercise on your period.


Yup, I said IT.



your PERIOD.

Image by Jim Cooke

Image by Jim Cooke

Its really not that bad, don’t worry.

Luckily, I found this article that sums up a lot of really important info for one going through that time of the month.

I say, DON’T HATE. Mother nature is a BLESSING. Yet, I know it can seem like torcher. The truth is, you just have to learn how to flow with it (no pun intended ;)).

It seems that the chaos some may experience is simply the rise and fall of various hormones in our bodies-to all my fellow flow-ers. (flow-ers = Flowers …See you are beautiful! :D)

Haha, silly jokes. Anyway, read this article-it could really help you understand what your body is doing during that time of the month-and in return-allowing you to better utilize your time experiencing it, and maybe even learning to love it.

I know my body and my soul go through something that deeply impacts me during my time of fertility fertility preparation-its amazing to realize that all that happens is simply a part of our bodies preparing to reinvent, to reproduce.

I think what makes it harder, is dealing with daily life, and having to have so much control. That too is something that should take some care in appreciating-and in turn- getting used to and possibly not having so much of in impact.

What do you think about your cycles? Have you ever been blown away by how you are feeling? Good or bad???…Let me know.

Thanks for reading fellow bloggers. ❤ One love and peace to all the confused souls.


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