The Power of Forgiveness


I found this post by fellow blogger and thought it to be exactly what I have been discovering within myself lately. I have to say- discovering what has been dragging you down is definitely not a comfortable feeling. I have cried multiple times within the past few months just realizing how much of myself has been living in a way that I really wish I wasn’t. A lot of that has to do with forgiveness. Me forgiving people from my past for treating me certain ways that have me so secluded and to myself. I have to forgive myself for letting those things get to me. I also have to forgive myself for yielding so much expectation from my self and other people-because of those things that I have yet to let go of.

I always knew that no one is perfect-I experience that all the time with myself-but was I truly practicing what I was preaching? No- and I admit that. There are a lot of ways I thought I felt-good ways-about life and living-but I was truly hiding from a lot of things that need to be mended incredibly.

This fellow post is insightful and has a lot of good points of this whole process of forgiving and letting go.

, the Flux

Healthy Eating and Living

Being vulnerable is messy, scary, and uncomfortable.

It can be both the most painful and also the most rewarding way to truly connect with others, and I think it’s something that we all need to do more often. One of the most vulnerable acts is the act of forgiveness. People hold on to resentment, pain, and hatred but they do not realize that the only person that they’re hurting is themselves.  As I’ve talked about in my other posts, I believe that we should always strive to be authentic with our emotions, and part of being authentic is to allow yourself to be truly vulnerable, and you need to start by being vulnerable with yourself. Even though this topic is far to vast to cover in a four point list, here it is. Here are four ways to authentically forgive yourself and others.

1. Observe your pain 


To find the…

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