Fashion or just dress up?


Usually I am not big on fashion. Usually, you will see me wearing workout clothes and something really really comfortable.

When I think of fashion, sometimes I think of high fashion, extravagant stiletto heels, dresses, and the idea of being “girly”.

I think about it more though and I think to myself,

1. I like patterns, textures, fabrics, etc.

2. I like the idea of different styles and the cultures that they come from.

3. I like the different elements that go into making a piece of clothing or a shoe, hand bag, back pack, or hat.

Truth is I like a lot of different things about fashion. First I thought I only liked costume. Extravagant OR simple. But I think a lot of that can turn around and fall into every day style of clothing.

So I wear workout clothes a lot. I guess that just means I like things that are comfortable-maybe I just don’t care to get too into apparel or accessories that are too over the top for my taste. Those things could be FUN though-then maybe that is wear I could dub it costume.

Keep on the look out for following posts. I will probably be sharing some apparel sites that are more my style/interest.

What styles are you into? Costumes? Do you have any awesome resources?? Let me know! 🙂

XO, Fluxstruck


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