An artists nook


I once read a book that described the writers sense of space. How we set up these pieces of space that are meant for us to do great things. I too have been guilty of this. I create for myself a nice little space to create and write and draw and go to when I want to focus and get something done/ worked on.

My homemade little nook.

My homemade little nook.


Looks pretty good right? Looks pretty comfy and inviting.

I also read in this book that often times we create spaces and purchase beautiful notebooks for ourselves to follow through with all of these giant plans. So epic and wonderful they are in our heads. At the same time though, creating such spaces may at times counteract with what we are trying to do simply because we start to hold such great expectations for ourselves in these spaces-We may also at times go blank. I love creating little spaces like this, but I have experienced that great expectation from myself, and yes indeed do I always tend to go blank.

And then I get upset with myself. Where did all my ideas go?!

My greatest interest lately is in trying not to proceed with such great expectations of myself. I reach to scrape myself down to the bare minimum and continue forth with finding inspiration and utilizing it within the flow that life brings. Not in being so much forceful.




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