Balancing the Nature of Arian Fire

Amazing Felt Horn Headdress by Gladys Paulus-Felt Artist

Amazing Felt Horn Headdress by Gladys Paulus-Felt Artist-

Lately I have been trying to find balance to a true Arian flame. Often times we may come off as dominant, demanding, or unsympathetic. When in truth, we are just trying to figure out how we can make things work for ourselves, as well as other people. We are constantly in our heads about how to make something work, how to stay motivated, how to stay excited, and how to help others reach their true potential. In reality, we really want the greater good of those around us. I feel I find great energy in helping someone reach creative goal.

I would assume Aries males to be the same, except with less emotion being their guide towards doing things. Aries are fire. The very nature that burns from within us only wants to inspire, to lead, and to do great things, not necessarily take control (however, I do often ponder the outcome of an aries person who gained fire by pushing people in a negative way-I feel that would be an intense deal to reckon with.) I would never wish to take control if I felt I wasn’t equipped to. However, if I knew what I should be doing, I would most certainly feel ignited by the process of leading.

Lately I have been attempting to balance all of my energies. It is true when they say that an Aries person often times may start many things and not complete them. We may also get bored easily, or get tired of routine. We tend to be selfish in a way that we think a lot about what we are doing (or should be doing), but honestly when we think to ourselves, we are only trying to figure out just what we can do to help ourselves, but at the same time help others. How we can go on living with that spark yet still be a sense of motivation.

Without challenge, or something to focus on, an Aries person can become incredibly drained. The highest most intense energy may just dissolve if the flame is not constantly fed. This is where we experience the highs, and the lows. This is why we start so many things (excitement) and why we are constantly in our heads about what we can do, how can we stay happy and excited to be alive. If we can’t figure that out, or are trying too hard to, we we extinguish our own flame.

This is hard for me to balance. I have goals that indeed get me excited. At the same time, I wish to share my goals with others, I want others to be involved and I want them to see that they can do whatever it is that they set their minds to. I wish to think about it, but try to not over think it so that I don’t drain myself (Aries’ are quite the target to discovering burn out)

You can read a lot of information online about Aries’ nature, but one I wanted to mention was with the topic of helping to balance the energies that one would experience.

Balance the Fire

What sign are you? Do you follow your true nature? Do you think that what astrology is said to speak about you is true? Im eager to know how you fit and deal with the characteristics of your sign.

I believe that everyone is at least somewhat influenced (knowing or not) by the layout of the stars. I also believe that if we maybe follow and handle our true nature with ease and gained understanding, that we may find peace.

Hasta luego, Fluxstruck


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