Artist Spotlight: Mira Betz-Pregnant Bellydancer


While this video may be old, I still think it is something that everyone should experience a view of. In honor of the divine feminine, it makes perfect sense to acknowledge women in their prime moments into bringing new life into the world. It amazes me at how a trained body can withhold such movements with power and grace, especially at times when people usually say to take it easy or not do so much. Pregnant people are not immobile, they are simply growing new life. Of course, they should be careful, and not over do it, but that doesn’t mean they should stop living, stop moving, or stop dancing. Even people who are not with child should be careful with how much they do. 😉

This performance was one that made me tear up with excitement with just how beautiful the execution of the dance is. I also feel us audience incredibly lucky to be able to share such a magical moment between mother and child. Enjoy!

<3, Fluxstruck


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