Artist Spotlight/Inspiration in Body Shapes #2/ People you should follow on Instagram #1


The Rabid Beast


I found this Bboy on Instagram only recently. I have been experimenting more with breakdance movement and will sometimes post balances that I have been working on.

Stumbled across this fellow when he liked one of my photos, and I have to say that he is truly a pretzel of an inspiration.

photo 1


Feats of strength, balance, and flexibility. Follow him if you are interested in this type of movement or if you are interested in seeing the body move in some incredible ways! I would have to say that this guy holds a lot of goals for me when it comes down to getting stronger, and playing with body shapes in ways that I couldn’t have imagined myself doing. Flexibility has always been something that comes easy to me, but when it comes to balancing that flexibility, especially when inverted, that is going to take me some time. But I am eager to stay determined and to keep experimenting.


Also make sure to peep the videos!


Stay motivated! Keep experimenting!

<3, The Flux


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