Dear Dancers and Performers, please Help.


I have a question.

Right now, I am living at home. I reside in a small town that doesn’t offer any performance or dance education. The next biggest city offers a little bit of theatre and a little bit of dance, but nothing that really focuses in on performance art, performance and dance culture, dance, or dance composition. I am very interested in these things and while I dance on my own, I am wondering how crucial it is that I seek out a legit school to learn these things.

The next closest opportunities I feel, are about 3 hours away. There are classes I could take there, but are not within a university or community college setting. I am wondering if I should just seek out audition opportunities for performers, acting, and dancing in my area and learn from those experiences. Or if I should seek out that modern education.


Any advice is greatly appreciated.

thanks, Fluxstruck


2 thoughts on “Dear Dancers and Performers, please Help.

  1. Hi Jen!
    Sounds like u may have an opp to begin something public in your home town to share what you know. Build it and they will come! Invite seasoned performers to utilize your studio for special events etc… charge for some, ask donation for others… you’ll exchange energies and grow from there. My sis did same with her ceramic studio and is thriving 🙂 ❤️

    • Jenn T.

      Do you think so? I am so worried about qualifications and such…I feel like I would like to teach some stuff but sometimes I also feel like I don’t feel “qualified” enough to do so.

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