Sugar Free Homemade Hot Cocoa, with a spice option


There are lots of cocoa options out there come winter time. Packets ready to be mixed in water, blocks of spiced cocoa ready to be boiled and mixed together with milk, some even have the tiny little marshmallows already in there for you.

I am a total DIY person, and a health nut. So when it comes to hot cocoa (which I do love), I sought out to create my own version. While I am sure there are others out there that have tried this, I am out to leave this to those who have yet to discover its true, simple potential to be manifested from the cocoa gods. 🙂


Ingredients are simple:

Unsweetened Regular or Vanilla Almond Milk (any brand you prefer)

Cocoa Powder

Stevia Packets to sweeten to your liking

Cinnamon or any warm spices that you desire (optional)


The easy way to do it, as shown below, is to simple add the cocoa powder to the milk in a cup, microwave it, add packets, then stir and serve.

Homemade Hot Cocoa

Homemade Hot Cocoa

Another way would be to warm the milk on the stove, stirring the cocoa powder and stevia in slowly. This way does take more time, but the results are a smoother and more luscious outcome.

The cinnamon or other spices you choose to use will come into play by simply adding a bit of them into the mix as well. The product will be a spiced and yummy hot cocoa!

How will you make it?? Let me know how its comes out for you in the comments!


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