Work Out Wednesday! 12/4/13


For the most part, I am a big fan of natural movement utilizing my own body weight. I kind of grew tired a long time ago with the structure (sets and reps, isolation exercises, etc) of gym workouts and hardly set so much structure in my work out routine these days, but I still feel like these basic strength training moves are important. Here we utilize some extra weight, some body weight, and some structure.


Warm Up:

12 jumping Jacks in each direction (body facing front, then to your left, then back, then right, then front again)

Jog around for 5 mins

Once warm,

3x each side-Runner Lunge with knee on the ground  (to stretch hip flexors and open up the legs) then rise to a regular lunge on the same leg to work the leg in front-hold and pule in this position till you feel the heat in your thigh      Repeat other side

Side shuffle right till tired, then left till tired



3x 10-15 Weighted Dumbbell Squats (go deep! While making sure to keep your knees inline with your middle toe. Keep your back as straight as you can. Sit back as if you are going to sit in a chair)



1x 10-12 set of bent rows (Upper back pulling exercise)

3x flutter for a count of 12 or 12 reps Reverse butterfly kicks

Kind of like the Superman shown below, except keep your hands flat on the floor helping you stay stable and flutter kick your back legs or raise them straight up together, squeezing the gluteus and hamstrings.


2x each side-Side Plank hold as long as you can

5 v ups, 5 Toe Reaches, 5 Toes to sky, 5 Straddle Sit Ups









Then I laid  there for a minute and stretched my entire body by reaching out every which way that I could (kind of like how some people do when they first wake up in the morning 😉 )

Finish off in

Down Dog, stretching calve muscles, pulling in core and elongating your back. Aim to sink your chest to the ground, increasing stretch in your shoulders, back, and back of legs.



Remember to drink that water and eat some form of carbohydrate to replenish your muscles when you are done.

This makes me wonder if I should start taking my own exercise photos. Do you think I should? I feel kind of weird taking photos from other websites. Im not sure if that is bothersome to some people.

Anyway, have a fun workout with whatever you decide to do today. If you end up doing this one, let me know!

And this is my first personal exercise post, so let me know if you need clarification on anything. Thanks for stopping by!

<3. Fluxstruck

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