Love, Loving, Growing, Learning…Unconditionally.



The Kiss

The Kiss


Most people fear the idea of entering into a relationship because they have the fear of getting hurt. They have the fear of something going terribly wrong and that they will forever be damaged and doomed to enter any other future relationship if this one doesn’t “work out”.

I just want to say, that I believe love to be a very passionate thing. You can love someone, and not be in love with them. You can love your siblings, love your parents, love your family. You can love your next door neighbor, you can love your sisterhood friends that you grew up with or your bros and homies that lived down the street.

There is nothing wrong with loving someone. There is a chance of getting hurt, when maybe things fall through for you and someone that you have decided to allow into your life on this intimate level. Relationships with a partner are somewhat different because you open up yourself to this person. You let everything in and you give everything out. You don’t want to be disappointed. Who does?

But if there is one thing that should be said about love, loving something, being in a relationship, its that you learn. Never forget that if something were to fall through and you find yourself down and out about it. Remember that you loved, that you gave what you could and perhaps it just wasn’t the right time for you to find that person you spend forever with. Remember that that person will always be there, and if you genuinely loved, then that person will remain there. Even if it is just as a friend.

As long as you are genuine and true with your giving whole heartedly, you should not fear anything going wrong. For giving whole heartedly is like gaining immunity. You may be a little bit hurt, but your ability to cope should not be doomed as long as you shared the purest parts of you.

Sometimes its easier said than done. But this is what I am telling myself right now as I am in a relationship and doing the best I can to stay focused and follow my dreams. I think often that I am kind of a hard person to keep up with…I always need to be working on something and sometimes I think that part of me can inhibit a relationship with myself. I can’t say that I will give up on my dreams…whether someone is by my side, or not.

Love love love. Every day that you can. Do not be afraid of it.


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