Artist Spotlight: In Flames


One of my most favorite metal bands of all time.

One of the first metal bands to ever set frequencies upon my eardrums,

and have me like it.


In Flames, out of Sweden. While there are many melodic metal bands out there, I have to say that In Flames is one of my top favorites. It could be because my tie with their music is somewhat sentimental.

I was first introduced to In Flames through my brother, who is a big fan of various metal varieties. Out of all of the bands that he has introduced me to, for some reason my heart stays set upon melodic metal bands, usually all out of Sweden as well.

I haven’t heard too much of the new stuff by In Flames, but I do have some old favorites and here I will share a few with you.


The Jester Race (Full Album!):

Whoracle (Full Album Again!):

Colony (Full Album):

Clayman (FULL!)

There are more recent albums out there, and I do believe there are older ones as well. These are a few of my favorites. Be sure to check out more of their work if you like what you hear :).

<3, JLT


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