Dancing with Injuries



So right now, I am in the process of rehabbing one of my feet.

I believe by the cause of repetitive stress, that the ball of my foot has developed some injury.

I believe this to be dance and parkour related, as I have been doing both. Dance however, I have been up on the ball of my foot in releve, putting far more pressure directly on the ball, opposed to when I do precision jumps in parkour training.



Anyway, my foot hurts. I have wrapped it in KT tape and am just kind of hanging out. It kind of makes me upset and also kind of curious.

Out of curiosity I have begun to look up dancer injuries just to see exactly what parts of the body are most populated with injury from a dancers perspective.

Out of New York, we have the Harkness Center for Dance Injuries which lists the most common injuries out there.

10 Common Dance Injuries from dance-teacher.com

Young Dancers and Growth

Types of injuries and The need for people in the field of Dance Medicine

another insight from stopsportinjuries.org

I think it is extremely important (and even more so when one is injured) to listen to your body when you feel any sort of pain or discomfort. Now, there is a difference between good pain (such as the burn you feel when your muscles are being engaged and activated) and bad pain (pain at the joints, or when using a certain body part in any way).

Keep your senses aware, as you are the only one that can prevent injury from happening or from worsening.


4 thoughts on “Dancing with Injuries

    • Jenn T.

      thanks for the info! I will have to look into that. Luckily my foot is doing okay now. Oddly enough, it was after I stopped wearing so much K Tape. ???

  1. Feeling better from the binding most drs recommend is not uncommon – I’ve experienced it, too. In fact, if something is fractured it can reset the wrong way if you bind it. Energy and blood need to circulate on and through the site. I don’t know if you caught my latest post on natural products for first aid. It’s comprehensive. I do my best to keep up with supporters – I would like to come back for your latest posts. Have just been dizzy busy juggling two blogs. Will touch base again. Xxxx Diana

  2. Jenn T.

    Yeah thats what I was thinking about the blood flow and such. I just thought it interesting because K Tape doesn’t exactly feel like it does all that much, but I guess I was wrongggg. Keep up the blogging! ❤ ❤ ❤ and thanks for the support as well.

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