“…I promise you will find a better connection.”





Running in the woods can be ever so fascinating. There is that connection you get when you are surrounded by an earthy environment that far exceeds the feelings of being in an urban landscape. For me, venturing in the woods can be something that is greatly needed from time to time.

Here, I share with you a post from a thread on an American Parkour forum. I thought to share it because it is true that coming back to mother nature give a different sense of being…no matter what your practice is. There are challenges that seem to be more real, and the ability to get in tune, I feel, can be much more inviting.


So i advise trying it by yourself first, but do whats best for you.


A post from CyanideSoda on American Parkour




<3, JLT

2 thoughts on ““…I promise you will find a better connection.”

  1. Great read! I would have to agree that running outside (in general) makes a difference on how you work out. Although many people resort to gyms as their form of exercising, there truly is something different about getting outside and feeling one with mother nature.

    “People have lower blood levels of cortisol, a hormone related to stress, after exerting themselves outside as compared with inside.” This is a quote from an article I read from the New York Times which backs up exercising outside is more beneficial. Getting out to the woods or even trail running puts a different mindset in place and you can really get a better exercise. Overall, I think if people take the time and just get outdoors more, they will feel so much better.

    • Jenn T.

      That is really interesting! For some reason I feel that the lower levels wood be due to being in a more open environment, being less restricted and such. Also possibly, Vitamin D if under sunlight.
      Thanks for sharing that!

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