My first recipe post, Snacking: Coconut Cocoa Almond


Every time I crave a snack, for some reason it is usually chocolate.

I am not a big fan of milk chocolate, but I am a sucker for the dark stuff.

My main thing about choosing snacks is, “What do I eat that will help me satisfy my craving, but will also give me energy and not make me feel weighed down.”

When eating mainly Paleo, there are still ways to eat (and enjoy) foods such as chocolate.

If you wish to sweeten (and add more carbs to) your meal/snack, you can add a fruit of your choice.

Todays snack, and one I have made many times before is a collection of bitter sweet love.

Coconut Cocoa Almond “Cereal” (if you will)


Unsweetened shredded coconut or flakes. I use Lets Do Organic 

Handful  (more or less) of plain almonds

Roughly 1 cup  unsweetened Almond milk  I use Almond Breeze or silk brand

1-2 Squares of unsweetened chocolate. (yes, no sugar!) I usually use Ghirardelli

1/2-1 stevia packet

Optional fruits (bananas go good in this one! 🙂 )

all in 1 bowl or cup

Most ingredients can be found at your local HEB or Walmart. The coconut flakes can usually be found at a health food store.

Chop up your chocolate, throw in your almonds and coconut, pour in your almond milk and sprinkle in your stevia.


There are lots of nutrients in this snacking, such as iron, calcium, small amounts of caffeine (natures stimulant), Vitamin E, fiber, etc. Remember though, calcium may inhibit iron uptake, so don’t add the milk if your trying to gain optimum iron intake.

Love and Grub!

Happy Munching

<3, JLT


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