Going with the Flow, over obstacles, through life. How do you handle “problems”?


I felt the need to write this morning.

There is odd tension and feeling in the air and it has happened all of a suddenly, very quickly indeed.

I am never one to say that bad things won’t ever happen, but it is just so incredibly interesting how it all tends to happen all at the same time.

I am pretty astonished right now, as I am handling lots very well. I have been on a mission, a “creed” if you will…to take better care of myself. Forgive myself for I am only human…and learn from everything every day. I am learning to go with the flow, instead of against it. Any little thing that I feel is not benefitting me, I am to rid of it. Bad attitudes, vibes, etc.

Even if one chooses to rid of such cases, the universe..the Great Mystery…will always have something going on. There will always be something that can be seen either as a test or a problem.

This morning I awoke to the sounds of screaming and was soon to have blood on my hands. It was stray, and my dog crunched on its bones…Upset, I am…incredibly? Yes. Animals will be animals however. He does not know his own strength, I would suppose. I could say he didn’t really know what he was doing, but a part of me feel that that would be a lie.

I have a friend right now in the hospital and I can only hope that things turn around for her. As of late, she is unknowing to what the illness is due to. #hope

I have weakened family members of which I can only give the most/best advice that I know in hopes that they too can find some sort of light.

There have been numerous catastrophes around the world as of late…West, TX explosions, Boston Marathon explosions, family situations, friend situations.

on a even more personal level, got school work and community service to get done. As well as not freaking out about working. Thinking about the artwork I haven’t done too much of…and more art related things I wish to make happen. Music, videos, interviews, etc.

Last night as I tried to sleep, I felt tired. Not too bothered, but could just FEEL this TENSION rising and then woke up to the dog incident.

HOWEVER, I feel that this is all in a matter of analyzation. It is all so interesting to observe and ponder over.

I have to mention a book that I have been reading. I started it a while back and have recently picked it up again. Dancing the Dream. I recommend you check it out if this sort of thing interests you. It makes a lot of sense in talking about expectations, beliefs, how we put up walls. All resulting in how we are, how we feel, how we handle situations.

I realize that I put too much on my plate, and that that is what gives me anxiety. And I know that the only way I can handle ANYTHING in life, is to pace myself with every little thing that I have set in front of me.

This book, talks about just that. How everything we go through in life, everything that happends is part of “initiation”. Life, is initiation. How we handle things, is just like jumping over obstacles. Do we freak out? Do we run away? Possibly even regretting how we handled such things. The best thing to do, is to listen to your gut and your intuition. Sometimes the obstacles are needed to jumped over. Even if there is another way around. This is a challenge. We can ignore challenges, and become weak. Or we can attempt it, have confidence, and when we are ready, proceed onward.

There are times too, however, when one must go around. When one is not exactly ready to overcome certain things. That is called being REAL. There is no need to throw yourself at something, if you are not ready and if you do not feel it. You MUST FEEL that you will overcome. You must feel that feeling that IT IS TIME. And there is no reason to beat yourself up over it. You are only human and taking care of yourself is way more important than proving anything to anyone.

Taking it easy on yourself is the best thing you can do. When you know you can go for something more challenging, then that is when you advance and that is when you gain strength for the next one.

❤ happy pondering. Happy obstacle analyzing. Happy getting over it.


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