Artist Spotlight: Aaron Jasinski (yes, another A)


Interesting I thought, another “A” name.


This dude, right here…has been one to move me, visually. Jasinksis work pulls together a different kind of painting. Painting with layers so precisely that the colors blend and form together in a beautiful way. I believe this work would tickle the fancy of any mover, music, gamer, and color lover alike.

the paint is precise, yet choppy. Maybe even “staccato”, if you will…and the highlights are on point.

Peep the work,

you’ll find robot bodies with severed limbs, colors explosions, and an assortment of all types of characters and creatures.

Check it.

79f32b3d2a88111873d6865692aba340 544391_600270206653616_1645363835_n aaron_jasinski1 aaron_jasinski4 Aaron-Jasinski-part3-3 Aaron-Jasinski-part3-10 Gemini images imagesm maneater_1091511 old_school_aaron_jasinski tumblr_mav870bh5k1rnrss4o1_500 wwa_eyecandy_AaronJasinskiChocolate-20x2-650x7936a00d83451ba1e69e20154360885d6970c-500wi 1435-Jasinski05-400 musica_Aaron Jasinski (3)

View the website to view more of his work, you will be glad you did.

<3, JLT


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