Artist Spotlight : Luci Romberg, Team Tempest and Upcoming Parkour Facility in ATX.


So, I usually don’t have said “idles”. But obviously, if I find something worth mentioning on here, I have to look up to it or her or him in some way or another. 😉

I most definitely do look up to this female. This almighty femalian feat of strength and grace. Oh hells yes to Ms. Luci Romberg.

STUNTWOMAN, and FREERUNNER, and all around awesome ATHLETE and ARTIST OF MOVEMENT. My dream, is to move like her, along with many other free runners. I feel that if I can accomplish various movement obstacles, that all other areas of life itself will gain a lovely flow in its own.

Check it out.

Look at her go!

Check out her website for more info here.

I also want to mention Team Tempest, the folks she is affiliated with. Tempest Freerunning Academy is a park our and freerunning training facility out of California. This place is my dream place to visit. I imagine that my life will take on some much needed change by the time I visit that place. For the better, of course. Till then, I dream on…and train on my own or with whatever help I can find. Exciting stuff!

Check out Luci, the team, and the facility in this video (I get chills every time I watch this video!):

P.S. If you think thats awesome, GUESS WHATATATATATATT

The members of Texas Parkour and Movnat are coming together to bring you a similar facility here in TEXAS. ATX!

I am stoked beyond belief.

Their Indigogo fund raiser is still up and running, show some support if this is something that you would love to see happen!


Now, carry on love birds. And if you don’t got no one to love, then love yourself, and love life! If you don’t love those things then rearrange yourself and your life until you do. Do what you want, live how you need to in order to maintain you. Maintain, YOU.

Lovely day, JLT


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