Artist Spotlight: Nomi-Chi


Browsing through previously mentioned Stuntkids blogsphere, I came to discover another artist (multiple actually) of which Levesque has had shows with. I think its freakin awesome when artist friends get together and have shows as a group/crew.

Here, we have Nomi-Chi. Artist in several styles: paint, tattoos, etc

Some Illustration faves:

chi chii chiiii chiiiii nch

Some Tattoo faves:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA 1S4t7oJ16s4oCEcI 4nuu0gZRZCaVa2k7 nTsFPxSSqbvtxfsd PtZGO4YIy5ucqsDC

You can see and read more about Nomi-Chi on her website and on her blogspot.


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