My thought process on Art within movement. Art within life.


So today, something interesting happened.

Sometimes it helps to speak ideas. I feel it helps to sort them out better. Here I throw around the idea I have been having for this dance class and end up just speaking about my experiences and thought processes of my movement lifestyle combined with my experiences and thought processes of my artist lifestyle. How I use it all to go about living and keeping my imagination levels high. What I struggle with and how I cope. Just kept on talking…
creative movement. experimentation. experience. feel it. This could be helpful to someone?

Some main points (I sort of jump around a bit)


  • Something new to someone is always a challenge. How your mind perceives the challenge and how your body perceives it as well.
  • The importance of challenging yourself.
  • The beauty of the bodies ability to breathe, move, and function in the way that it does. We are like machines how our bodies work to keep us alive.
  • The beauty of the movement/exercise itself-everything it takes on a physiological level for your body to do what you are telling it to do.
  • Levels
  •  fitness levels : how fit you are. actual levels and planes that the body can move in
  • The recovery process  from an artist and athlete perspective.
  • How people interact with life: How they mentally and physically handle stress.
  • Stress: expectations from society, not taking care of yourself (food, exercise, sleep, being social, being sick) all in turn affects your mentality and the outlook you have on life.
  • Those that defy gravity: Forgot to mention gymnasts! All those little girls (and boys) are incredibly inspiring to me.
  • Magnitude of human variation.
  • Allowing yourself to feel the good and the bad, the ups and the downs and still knowing its okay. What matters the most is being happy. Do what makes you happiest, even if that is living in a more structured fashion. Some people live breath and sleep exercise, and that is all they wish to do. They are fine with living that way, but not everyone can go about things in that manner.

This is all from my physiological and psychological experiences…how I handle things…as well as what I have learned through kinesiology and human development studies.


Any feedback is accepted and appreciated. 🙂




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