Writing topic: Eroticism


So, Im reading this here book, and the topic of this chapter is how one can become overwhelmed by setting themselves up to write about something specific. The word mentioned here is “eroticism”. Some people may approach it in fear, or in a squeamish sort of “oh noo, I can’t write about that”. Maybe, you don’t approach it like that at all and you just write down what you think it is.

But in this task, how does this word make you feel? Write it. You may not even say the word at all, which is what the book mentions. You may just be describing a situation or an experience or even a list of “all the sexual fruits you know.”

Ive mentioned this book before, entitled Writing Down the Bones in this post.

How would you approach this?


Mine came out as follows…

The sip of wine, you know, it almost puts me half asleep. Makes me feel warm, wanting to just sprawl out on my sheet. So no, maybe thats not an erotic feeling at all. Well, not completely. Maybe. Just the warmth. Something sensual. Music. Light jazzy notes. Help calm the senses. I just…think to myself. This is that game that lonely ones play. This is how it’s going to be. Not upset, completely. Just trying to find that middle ground of understanding. Oh, I understand it. I’m not here to push. Not here to shove. Not here to force anyone to LOVE…me. I’d rather just be.

What does yours sound like? Please post! I am curious to know what your mind reveals about this.

<3, JLT


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