Chocolate adventures: Melting


While everyone else in the house is attempting to put away the mass amount of Christmas ornaments and decorations, I am here in my room. Searching on how to melt some chocolate.

Chocolate. A love of mine for quite some time. Now, more for its healing benefits more than anything else. I have had some recipes in mind (nothing too crazy…yet) of which I have been wanting to make and photo and document.


how do you melt it? Because I have just thrown it in a pot before, but do you risk burning it? Does it do any damage? Stuff like that happens you know. Kind of like how when you cook vegetables at a temperature too high.


Chocolate can turn green??? Is that what she said?

Heres to making a Double Boiler

What I’ve learned:

1. You can over heat it.

2. There are different kinds of chocolate. This may change how you handle it.

3. Break it up so it melts easier and evenly.

4. Adding an oil (fats are slippery 🙂 ) to your chocolate can help keep it smooth/from drying out.


I also discovered this 100% Bold Bar of Dark Chocolate. I love their description here too. Every reason one should turn to eating 100%. No “interference of sugar”.  🙂




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