Quick Gains and Sky Candy retouch


So, last night I went out to a party

and shook my groove thang.

Always, ALWAYS fun to do. Especially when no one knows you, and you just start busting a move.

It feels really good to dance, but it feels even better when the music is blasting and you have a decent sized amount of space.

It went really well and ended up being really fun.

Not bragging at all, I got compliments on my “moves” and as it usually goes, people think I’m on some type of drug.

No, I say. Just, No.

People ask me to teach them. So I try to explain a few things that seem to help me.

I have been thinking about starting some classes, but just need to figure out in which way I could afford to rent out space. I have a spot in mind, however, it is not very big.

I think another thing I am concerned about, is gains.

Its weird, who would be afraid of getting really strong while having amazing energy really quick?

This guy. Right here.

What scares me is my ability to do things at times.

There are times when I feel so good I just want to single handed back flip myself backwards. BUT, I know that I should probably gain some help first.

anyhoo, theres my ramble…

I also wanted to touch base on the amazing group of people I had the privilege of working with In Austin. I have mentioned this group of people before, but here is a greater peak into what they are all about.

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