I breathe in, I breathe out-taking time to feel, let go, let live, and let thyself Evolve


Would like to mention this post from a fellow blogger.

Lately, I have been doing a lot of analyzing and attempts at taking my time with myself.

I am usually an antsy person, getting caught up in my own filtering of events inside my head and I so earnestly believe that learning to stop and FEEL every single little thing, is crucial.

I say feel, and I do mean feel. When I confront an awkward situation, allow myself to feel awkward, when I feel upset at something that happened, let myself feel upset. BUT when it comes to feelings of resentment, regret, or sorrow, I also make the attempt to push it away. I feel it, I do. For a minute. But if it is something that is becoming amplified into oblivion, that looks never ending and also a complete waste of time,

I let it go.

There are other moments of the day of which I can easily use and become a part of to replace these negative feelings. There are things that I can read or study or  immerse myself into that actually call for my attention. That actually require me to be there, at that very moment.

It is such a tough situation to pull yourself out of when you are used to floundering around in your own head all the time. I know it is fun to interact with other people. But its a habit in being on my own, that I have to break. And it is the habit in feeling so upset about being on my own that I also have to break. And it is those exact things I feel I am searching for right now. Those moments of my day that actually want me around. That actually allow me to breathe and actually teach me something about myself.

Learning not to be too critical, and not to be too afraid. I know there is a life like that just waiting to happen for me…and I know its up to me to find it.

breathe in, I breathe out.

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