“What ever happened to Hip Hop?”


This is a really strong documentary with many many interesting perspectives and points made.

I can’t say that I know completely everything about hip hop culture, but I do respect it immensely. The graffiti, the emcees, the breakdancing, DJing, Knowledge, etc.

I have discovered hip hop that I’ve grown to love. Hip hop that encompasses stories, sense, and consciousness. Hip hop that makes me actually want to learn more about these people, and hear more of what they have to say.

The crap on the radio, is Complete garbage.

I won’t lie and say, “No, I’ve never liked anything ever played on the radio.”. Some stations do have their  notch in entertainment. And in being someone that listen to a beat more often than lyrical content, I would say that some songs do catch my attention. I doooo like to dance!



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