Communication Vs. Interpretation


One thing I have been thinking about lately is Communication.

Communication wrapped around interpretation.

How do you interpret the things that are communicated to you?

How do you perceive a signal coming from somebody else?

Signals are numerous in variety and can be verbal or nonverbal in nature.

How do you perceive a single moment?

Perhaps imagine you are sitting with someone and you decide to leave.

The way you depart could mean everything…or absolutely nothing to the other person…when maybe you don’t even think about it all.

You simply get up and go, saying goodbye and walking away.

Maybe your mind is on the place of which you are going, and you don’t really stop to acknowledge how important or unimportant your actions are as you leave.

Maybe this is the last time you see this person…would you change the way you said goodbye?

Would you find something more meaningful to say?


It is moments like this that I wish I could stop rushing through my daily life. I have begun to notice that many times do I keep my rams horns high…because my sense of wanting independence is stronger than me accepting or letting out too much love.

Maybe I’m just afraid to do so…because putting up a guard is way safer than subjecting the most vulnerable part of myself to damaging.


I have been thinking about communication lately in more ways than one. Communication through media, communication through movement, communication through sound and silence, communication in a public sense, or in a personal one.

People are so incredibly different, but when it comes down the roots of it, we all have the same necessities. We all want to be a part of something, feel meaningful in some sense. Of course, the amounts of these necessities varies…but they will always still be there.

I have begun to consider some communication studies as I have reapplied to school. I am also interested in creative writing, as I do tend to write often (even if it isn’t always on here) and think often as well. I think maybe studying creative writing would give me a better sense of how to creatively navigate and/or morph my most draining of thoughts.


Happy, Creative Sunday.

<3, JLT



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