entropy: the other constant

I know that there are uses for categories and labels.  They are very useful for categorizing people, for putting a layer of distance between yourself and someone that you need to leave behind for whatever reason.  Even when you don’t need the distance and it’s just a function of trying to make life easier.  I’m an INTP.  You’re an ESFJ.  This means that we should some how be able to predict each other.  I’m a Cancer, you’re an Aries.  I already know this is going to end in disaster.

Except, of course, you never fall in love with someone’s resume.  And all of those traits that land you in the DSM really just mean that you’re relentlessly flawed and therefore relentlessly human.  I don’t know anyone who isn’t a little screwy in some way or another.

So what are you going to do?  Love is already as improbable as an aardvark…

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