Sources of inspiration: Sketch Theatre & Face Off


Long ago, when this site first came out, I was incredibly excited to see one of my favorite artists on it.

Sketch Theatre serves as a template in which to show/share the work of various artists and to help one stay in tuned with their inner artist if they are one. It is hard work, if you find that you have a true passion for art (as I would say that I would as I keep coming back to it within the structured and americanized ways of my education system) and actually stick with it, go for it, progress, and become with it. Whatever it is that you see yourself being.

Right now, I love to draw, I love to create characters, and it has taken me a very long time to really realize that. With the support of sites like this, and seeing the work of others, it does help to stay motivated.

One of the main things I like about this site, is the gallery. In the gallery, one can watch the works of various artist come to life via speed drawing videos.

Such as this…

I think the idea of this site is awesome. You can enter their sketch to win contests, read interviews with artists you look up to, and just have a source for overall inspiring.

Another things that has been keeping inspired and just over all in “awe” of creation, is the show Face Off. Have you seen this?! I don’t watch much tv and only learned about this show via word of mouth. Special FX make up is something that Ive always adored, yet haven’t really dove into it so much. This show really does show what it takes.

And hey you know what?…it all starts with a sketch. 😉



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