Resting my bones, and sketching something new.


So today, I should be diving into the homework that I have due tomorrow. Not to mention, the homework that I had due today…

But I am skipping class today because I honestly do not feel too great.

When you don’t feel up to par…what do you do?

I am attempting to drink lots of water and eat much more nutrient filled food than I normally do.  I am also doing other things that make me feel good, like reading about how to do a back handspring  (because I really want to learn to do one.) The guy in that tutorial makes me laugh cause he’s like “just do it”, “its easy”. Truth is, I know its easy! I know I can do it! But another truth is, I also know my MIND is whats stopping me. I most definitely know I have the strength…but I am just so unsure…sort of.

Anyway, I think Ill wait for when I have a spotter available. I will feel better about it for sure.

And also, drawing pictures.

like this one:

Fluxstruck Designs (all rights reserved) view other work on my art page.

I wanted to mention this one site that I discovered a really long time ago. I just remembered it a second ago and thought it most definitely worth sharing.

The site is called Sketch Theatre, and it features different artists in the gallery. The videos in the gallery are speed drawings, all pretty inspiring and all matched with random sorts of interesting music.

Have a look see, learn about new artists, new music, and be inspired.


oh yeah, and make me some soup! >.<

…just kidding.

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