“Emerge”ing. Performance, jot reflecting, and events.



in so many variations of the word.

this Weekend, I found myself “emerging” in several different aspects.

Dancing for lovely faces at a last minute show with Dave Tipper and other amazing artists and performers, being embraced by all that is graffiti and street art at Austins annual graffiti event, Emerge, growing into deeper relationships with friends and establishing new ones. Discovering and establishing senses of self, physically, nailing handstands and arm balances, and mentally, reflecting and not even thinking too much (which is rare for me). It all seemed to test me, as life usually does. And in result, I’m still agreeing that patience and understanding is at the root of being able to live comfortably, even at the most uncomfortable moments.

Writing about it, photographing it, feeling it, and letting it live.

The outcome of it,

Im feeling a little floaty, content, and a tad bit tired.

Here are some jams that have been accompanying me through the morning as I bake cinnamon sweet potatoes ( ❤ ). As well as some writing that I have done over the weekend…Its new for me to share these words of which I jot, and sometimes they have to be read  a certain way in order to understand the flow of which they were born, but Ill let you read them anyway.



Oct 6, 2012

When you don’t think th-think about thinking

Sideline to sideline, that agility training kicks in.

Music waves of sound and light offer simple beats of which to mount and ride.

Its Joyful mornings that shed crisp sunlight.

A feeling of resonance. Great enough to collect this touch.

It is something that can be seen (not tangible), in light of manifesting dreams.


Like the light pouring straight through the window screen.

Right onto me, and all my surroundings that scream

pure product of focused thought.

A way to think not of manifesting plot.

But of letting plot manifest you.

Environment. Having direct impact.

Sad to think of how much has been lost.

Refreshing to think of how much can be gained.

A mind trained, to claim,

whats been washed away with the reign.

Jennifer L. Trigo

Oct 7, 2012

High convulsions, con-duct, raw emotions


an orb of feeling…its so

strong its reeling

me in.

Raw emotions, product of- thought convulsions

with the

mind at tempo,


slow and mellow

Its a

welcoming gesture

just to

construct a Sweet Mr.

out of you.

But its

genuine thinking

combined with

genuine tinglings

within our skins.


And this could be sin,

to some.


But within this were just admitting that neither one of us is numb.


And who knows where this goes from here.

Day to day, week to week,

it’ll all be in testing whats “sincere.”

Im not laughing cause its funny, Im laughing because its just making me that happy.

Jennifer L. Trigo




Good morning and may patience be a great start to your week.




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