What is Tribal Fusion Bellydance?


What is it?

I think this is a kind of important question. Kind of important meaning that it may matter to some people. Other people may not care about such details but since I started teaching, I thought it necessary to question.

When I tell people that I dance, especially when I say “belly dance”, they usually think it is of more traditional cabaret or egyptian styles.

However, I am quick to mention to them that it isn’t exactly the same, but has the same qualities. That I usually dance to more modern music consisting of hip hop, metal, and instrumental tracks. That my costuming is not of such glittery and colorful sorts.

I usually just change the title of the dancing and say its a “fusion dancing”. Which is basically what it is. The style has bellydance roots (ah yes, my first love ^_^), but can also touch base on modern and hip hop a whole lot at times. Usually depending on the music that is being played.

Anyway, I found this little tidbit of explanations/ opinions on the Memphis Raqs website on what people have thought it could be referred to as…enjoy and happy Tuesday.


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